The last few weeks have been something a roller coaster for Remainers. First the PM went down to the worst defeat in modern Parliamentary history when her wretched Brexit deal was overwhelming rejected by MPs. Then she created the illusion of unity in her deeply divided party by getting approval for a fanciful motion involving the reopening of the deal guaranteeing a frictionless borders in Ireland (something that, quite rightly, the EU were never going to agree to).

Worryingly, a small group of Labour MPs voted to help defeat sensible amendments that would have allowed Parliament to take control and stop a cliff-edge No Deal.

All of which confirms that despite the achievements of the People’s Vote campaign in getting a second referendum on to the mainstream news agenda, this battle is far from won.

We should take heart from comments from Anna Soubry that many Tory MPs privately agree with her and would support a second referendum once all other options are off the table. Similar sentiments were expressed by Lord Newby, Lib Dem Leader in the House of Lords, who told an audience in Ripon on Friday that many MPs are keeping their heads below the parapet – but that they ARE very much open to influence from us!

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That’s why it’s vital that people keep on writing letters and emails to their MPs.

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