Yorkshire for Europe has hired a Big Red 1970’s Routemaster Bus to take our message to our region. on 5 days we will be making trips to our towns and cities and need as many members of the band and choir who can attend.

If you would like to join in, come along to one of our stops! See the timetable below

The bus starts and finishes each day at Goosemoor Organics, Warfield Lane, Cowthorpe, Wetherby LS22 5EU, usually leaving at about 8:45.

There are about 25 seats available on the bus, which will be available to band and choir members. If numbers are too big we may have to car share. You can join the tour at any point but please prioritise the towns in capitals below.

The Yorkshire Remain Voice Choir and musicians will be joining us, we have 35 Big Red Bus for Remain T shirts, placards ad leaflets and we’re planning to hand out free mulled cider, cakes and mince pies.

Come and join us! Please note on each day you can join the whole tour by parking in Cowthorpe where it will set off and return at the end of the day. Alternatively, you can drive direct to locations. 

Bus Tour Schedule for this weekend

8:45am Depart Arnold’s smallholding, Goosemoor Organics, Warfield Lane, Cowthorpe, nr Wetherby LS22 5EU. You can take a place on the bus or car share from here.

Sunday 1 December

8:45 Depart Cowthorpe
9:45 Depart Poppleton Park & Ride
10.45 am 
Arrive Monks Cross Shopping Centre, York
12 noon Outside York Minister (See full timetable below)
12.30pm Other locations close by in York city centre (TBC)

Monday 2 December

8:45am Depart Cowthorpe for Leeds
10am Cookridge Street or outsideHenry Moore Institute, the Headrow, Leeds
10:30 am – 12:30am campaigning/ performances around bus
1:45am approx Return to Cowthorpe

Some times to be confirmed.
Saturday 30 November: First day of the BRB Tour starting in Harrogate

We look forward to seeing you all. A press release has been sent out to media – with the message that voters everywhere need to be alerted to the grave threat to our region and our country from a “reckless and irresponsible” Boris Johnson Brexit.

Richard Sadler, chair of North Yorkshire for Europe, said: “With Johnson’s deal, our region would take a big economic hit, we’d all be worse off and there would be less money for essential public services – and a real risk of our treasured NHS being run by corporate America.”

Richard Wilson, chair of Leeds for Europe said: “Boris Johnson’s slogan that he’ll ‘Get Brexit done’ is a con.

“If his deal went through, 2020 would mark not the end of Brexit, but the beginning of a very long and painful process. “

Martin Brooks , chair of York for Europe, said: “Outside the EU we’d be a middling size country with much less clout than we’ve got now.

“Far from taking back control, we’d fall into the clutches of the USA, China and Russia and unaccountable multi-national corporations who don’t share our values.”